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MrBallen Foundation Nominated for Streamy Award

On Sunday, December 4th, The Streamy Awards will be broadcasted on YouTube from The Beverly Hilton in Southern California. The Streamy Awards, which is now in its 12th year, is made up of more than 45 categories. The MrBallen Foundation is nominated for the category of ‘Creator for Social Good’ along with MrBallen up for the ‘Breakout Creator’ and ‘Creator of the Year’ categories respectively. 

In a statement regarding the foundation’s nomination, John Allen, founder of the MrBallen Foundation, said “This award nomination as creator for social good is a huge honor for me. The MrBallen Foundation is part of our effort to support the victims of violent crime whose stories we tell. It is also the best way we could think of to help answer the question we get from so many of our listeners–and donors–What can I do to help? How can I give back? Just being nominated for this award tells all of us that together–we can make a difference.” 

What Is The MrBallen Foundation?

Founded in 2022 by John Allen – one of the Internet’s most popular storytellers of the Strange Dark and Mysterious– the MrBallen Foundation is an attempt to recognize the hardship of people whose experience of loss is at the center of John’s true-crime videos and podcasts.

Furthermore, non profit organizations that provide crucial victim services need support to properly and efficiently assist those impacted by violent crime. Victims of heinous crimes are faced with residual effects far beyond the physical impact of the crime. There are psychological, financial, and emotional traumas that need addressing in order for proper, holistic healing to begin. The MrBallen Foundation provides dynamic solutions for victims and organizations that provide support to them through financial support and resources.

The MrBallen Foundation is led by Laurie Gift, who got her start in the nonprofit industry more than 40 years ago when she teamed up with her dad to volunteer at the local soup kitchen in Redmond, Oregon–a small city on the eastern side of the Cascade mountain range.

In response to receiving this Streamy Nomination, Gift shared, “We are thrilled to be nominated for the streamy creator for social good award! Thank you to our loyal donors and listeners. Their support means the MrBallen Foundation is already on its way to achieving its goal–offering the education, training and financial support that can make such a big difference to victims of violent crime.” 

Since its inception, the MrBallen Foundation has partnered with 7 different organizations providing grants totaling nearly $200K to help deepen the impact for those on the frontlines of providing crucial victim services assisting those impacted by violent crime.

Who Gets Nominated For A Streamy Award?

According to, nominees and winners of the Streamy Awards include individuals and organizations with global audiences making some of the most innovative and well-watched programming in the world. The live Streamy Awards broadcast is attended by creators with aggregate audiences in the hundreds of millions and is watched by millions of fans worldwide.

When Are The Streamy Awards?

The Streamy Awards will be broadcasted live on YouTube on December 4th. In a statement from regarding this year’s list of nominees, “The Streamy Awards have announced their 2022 nominees. The list includes notable names such as social media stars MrBeast, Mark Rober, Dream, Charli D’Amelio and others such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Gordon Ramsay and Lili Reinhart. The awards are presented by YouTube. Winners will be announced on December 4. The awards ceremony will stream live on YouTube from the Beverly Hilton and will be hosted by social media creator, Airrack, who is also up for three awards this year.” 

You can watch the trailer for this year’s awards ceremony on YouTube.

Where To Watch And Engage The Streamy Awards

Watch and engage this years show on YouTube at or follow along on Twitter using #streamys. And, thank you for your support in helping the MrBallen Foundation be who we are today. It’s an honor to be nominated alongside so many others, who also, are making a positive impact in this world. 

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